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Mission Statement
The Council on Aging for McIntosh Trail, Inc. commits itself to the service of Senior Citizens and disabled persons in the McIntosh Trail Service area.  The staff dedicates its efforts to serve as advocates for customers who are economically, physically, and/or socially disadvantaged and as links to other appropriate services as necessary. 
This agency commits its efforts and resources to the provision of social services including, but not limited to, nutrition programs, transportation, leisure and recreational activities, employment, and telephone reassurance.  All programs administered by this agency strive to promote an increased sense of self-esteem, belonging, and independence among Senior Citizens.
Management personnel of this agency treat staff, volunteers, and clients with equity and respect.  The Council on Aging for McIntosh Trail, Inc. pledges to provide quality services to its customers in a professional, compassionate, and genuine manner. The Council on Aging for McIntosh Trail, Inc. operates on the foundations of compassion, customer focus, and commitment. The agency adopted our mission statement in 1996 to reflect underlying beliefs and attitudes of agency staff toward the purpose of the agency and commitment to customers.